“KLAIRA” - official distributor of manufacturer of infrared heating system in Linthuania.

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Heating with infrared ray heating film is the most rational modern technical heating system of residential and non-residential premises. PLEN heaters may be both main and additional heating elements. The system reliably ensures necessary temperature regime along with minimal consumption of electricity. Infrared ray heating film with additional thermal insulation shall be mounted to ceiling, covering about 80 % of total area of ceiling. Equivalence of heating the premises gives great thermal comfort.

lubos (EN)

Our system surpasses all heating systems being in the market:

  1. Comfort – health – the system distinguishes by safety for humans and lets compensate lack of the sun during winter time.
  2. Heating equivalence – only PLEN can ensure difference of 4°C temperatures between floor and ceiling. Your floor will always be warm with PLEN, although heaters are mounted to ceiling.
  3. Electric energy is sufficient.
  4. Low consumption of electric energy 15 W/m2–20 W/m2.
  5. No seasons – does not depend on organisation that supplies heating.
  6. Durability – exploitation duration is more than 50 years.
  7. Safe with regard to traumas and fires – it is not necessary to receive licences or certificates from fire – safety service as it is domestic equipment.
  8. Adaptation – different temperature may be set in every room.
  9. It does not require repair and maintenance costs – once you will mount PLEN heaters, you will forget about them forever.
  10. Rapid installation – PLEN system may be installed and connected within 2-7 days in the premises of 100 m2.
  11. Aesthetics – PLEN system may be covered with any building constructions (gypseous cardboard, wood, plastics etc. except metal) and can be made invisible.
  12. Application possibilities – kindergartens, schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, flats, gardens, trading pavilions, restaurants, petrol stations, railway objects, animal storage premises, incubators, greenhouses, warehouses, hothouses, automobile painting shops etc.
  13. In case of turn off of electric supply, temperature decreases up to 10°C within 72 hours.