Will infrared ray heating film suits for garden/house/bathhouse/greenhouse/workshop /stadium/warehouse/…? The heating film can be used for all types of premises of A, B, C categories.


Can PLEN be used as the main and as an additional heating system?


PLEN system is effectively used both for main and additional heating. Only set power differs. Besides, the heaters are widely used for creation of local heating zones, for example, only above bed or workplace. PLEN heated floors are twice cheaper and 3 times more economical than other analogues.
How does the infrared ray heating film operate?


Operating principle of the infrared ray heating film is identical to solar ray operation and the essence of it is heating of the air in the construction of the premise but not the air inside the room.  Hence, today PLEN heating film is the system of the most comfortable and economically useful infrared ray electrical heating (comfort temperature is considered a temperature when difference between upper and lower points of the item does not exceed 2°С).
Can I mount heaters independently?


It is recommended to refer to specialists.
Does PLEN dehumidify the air?


PLEN is not a convection heater and does not influence air movement in the room. Therefore, the air of Your room will be of natural humidity that could not be impossible to reach when using electric convectors. It should be noted that the temperature of walls and floor is higher by 2–3°С than air temperature in the room.
Can PLEN be covered with decor? If yes – with what?


PLEN can be covered with any decorative material except pure metal. Special attention must be paid to Armstrong ceiling. If distance between sound boarding and Armstrong suspended ceiling is less than 15 cm, then the heating film can be attached to the sound boarding. If the distance is larger, then the heaters shall be attached to Armstrong laths.