Possitive body effect

About infrared emission

Since ancient times, people have been known about positive heat force or, scientifically speaking – infrared (IR) emission. IR emission is a part of solar emission spectrum, which is directly adjacent to the red part of visible spectrum, and which is able to heat a lot of things. The human eye cannot see in this part of spectrum, but we can feel the warmth. As it is known, any object whose temperature is higher than 273°C radiate and its spectrum of emission is determined only by its temperature and emission. There are two IR emission characteristics: emission wave length (frequency) and strength.
IR rays were discovered by the English physicist William Herschel in 1800.

Depending on the wave length, IR emission is divided into three areas: short-range (from 0.75–1.5 micrometers), medium (1.5–5.6 μm) and long distance (5.6–100 μm) (1 μm = 1/1000000 m).
IR rays, unlike X-rays, ultraviolet or very high frequency rays, are not absolutely harmful for the human body.



IR spectrum is an area, where the wave length is approximately from 7 to 14 μm (it is called a part of long-wave range), a uniquely positively effecting the human body. This part of IR emission conforms to the same human body’s emission, which maximum wave length is about 10 μm. For this reason any such external long wave emission our body accepts as its “own”. The most famous the light source in our Earth is the Sun, and the most famous artificial source of long-wave IR rays – a stove, and everyone has experienced their positive impact.
Affecting the human body in the part of long-wave range, proceeds a phenomenon, which is called a “resonance absorption”, when it proceeds, the body actively absorbs an external energy. Due to this effect, increases potential body’s cellular energy, better proceed the specific cell structures, rises level of immunoglobulins, increases enzymes and estrogen activity, and proceed other biochemical reactions. This is related to cells and blood of all types of organisms.

Long distance IR emission

Doctor Toshiba Yamazaki has a clinic in Japan, where she up to this day continues her medical examinations in the field of IR emission. In her book “The science about long distance therapeutic IR emission effect, she discussed the scientific treatment of long distance IR principles and included into the list a number of interesting disease histories from the clinic.
“Health Company” – the only company in the world, which since 1996 together with medicine scientists from Twente (the Netherlands) University of Medicine, led by prof. Rasker, researches the field of use of long distance IR emission in medicine.
In addition, a number of USA science laboratories (Dr. Masao Nakamura “O & P Medical Clinic”, Dr. Mikkel Aland “Infrared Therapy Researches”, and other) announce the effects received from study of long distance IR emission:

  • Cancer cell growth inhibition;
  • Certain types of hepatitis virus destruction;
  • Neutralization of negative effect of electromagnetic fields;
  • Dystrophy cure;
  • Increase of insulin quantity produced by diabetes patients;
  • Neutralization of radioactive irradiation effect;
  • Cirrhosis cure;
  • Psoriasis cure or facilitating of its stage.