Therapeutic Course of IR Sauna

Recommendations for use of infrared ray saunas

Information on our site is provided for familiarization purposes and should be treated as recommendations for use of infrared ray cabins. This information can not be used as a reference to the method of treatment, and it does not substitute a medical advice.

If you have any health problems, before visiting an infrared ray sauna, be sure to consult with your doctor!

If you have got a prescribed medical treatment, please consult with your doctor – this will help to avoid the intense infrared heat and negative outcomes of the effect of pharmaceutical combination. Being sick with diseases for which a heat can be harmful, such as multiple sclerosis, kidney failure and other, to use cabin is not recommended.

During the sauna session, in case of negative symptoms and exacerbation of the disease, treatment must be completed immediately.

After leaving a cabin, do not go immediately to the shower. The body is relaxed and unprotected. Pores are greatly enlarged, therefore, after using soap, shower gel or shampoo, into the deep layers of epidermis may get unnecessary chemicals that the sauna has just started to remove.

Let your body get used to the environment – to reduce temperature, narrow pores, actuate protective and regulatory mechanisms and return to normal operating mode. Calmly walk around, sit. Start by restoring the balance of water and salts – drink a glass of good, non-carbonated water or 2–3 gulps of fresh juice.


During infrared ray sauna session follow these rules:

  • Air temperature in the infrared ray cabin should not exceed 50–53 degrees Celsius.
  • Hot shower before sauna increases the amount of released sweat.
  • In order to reach the optimal results, do not go to the sauna immediately after eating.
  • It is important to maintain the water balance. Drink water before, during and after the session.
  • Do not use body lotion before the sauna session.
  • Use at least 2 towels: one lay down on the bench, with another wipe the sweat from Your body – remember that water badly passes infrared rays.
  • At the first signs of a cold or flu, lengthening duration of the session, it is possible to increase an activity of immune system.
  • Gradually being inured to infrared ray sauna, it is possible to prolong the session up to 45 minutes or even more.
  • Think about the water balance in the body before and after the sauna session.
  • Keep in Your mind that many people having the higher level of heavy metals, chemical toxins or pesticides, initially may sweat harder. Some may take 5–10 sessions until appears a sufficient amount of sweat, but continuous water intake will reduce the body’s pollution with toxins. Even if much sweat is not released, the infrared ray sauna helps to eliminate toxins through urine, bowels and hair.
  • To effectively heat the ankles and legs, lift them. Any part of the body that you want to heat deeper must be as close as possible to the infrared ray heaters.
  • Immediately after the session try to get some time (3–5 min.) to sit quietly and not to make sudden movements, because, even after leaving a cabin, sweating and blood flow continue to be intensified.