PLEN in Farming

PLEN usage in agriculture  

  • PLEN in stock-raising  

One of the most important problems of stock-raising is protection of animal babies from cold diseases and increase in live weight growth by keeping animals in closed premises of farms and complexes all year round. It was determined by observations of many practises and special experiments of scientists that deviation of ambient temperature from optimal temperature determines decrease of animal productivity by 15-30 % and increase in fodder expenditure by 25–50%.

PLEN heating film is a modern solution of these problems. Usage of PLEN reduces death of animal babies (piggies, calves, chickens etc) from cold diseases because comfort temperature is being kept; there is no draughts and increased humidity.

  • PLEN is used for warming rabbits, beekeeping (for heating of hives), also at home and for warming of domestic animals.
  • PLEN is used in food industry for drying various fruits, mushrooms and fish.