PLEN description

Infrared heating system PLEN

Technologies of the XXI st. Century

Heating without radiators, tubes and now fuel!


• Infrared heating system PLEN – the most rational system for dwelling and commercial houses.

• Infrared heating system PLEN can be used as main or additional heating system.

• System ensures needed temperature mode and minimal consumption of electricity.

• Infrared heating system PLEN with additional heating insulation fastens on ceiling by covering about 80 % of ceiling.

• Infrared heating system PLEN provides big thermal comfort.


  •  3-5 times less energy consumption.
  • 3 and more times less expenditures for installation.
  •  No repairs or expenditures for supervision.


  •  System working time – 50 and more years.
  • Fluctuation or stops of the voltage does not effect the system.
  •  Unable to freeze up.

High level of the heating comfort:

  •  Temperature of the walls is 2-3°C higher than air temperature.
  •  Only PLEN heating system ensures 4°C difference of the temperature between ceiling and floor.
  •  Floor will be warm, despite this fact that system fastens on the ceiling.
  •  Remains natural wet and needed concentration of oxygen.
  •  Decrease amount of the dust in the air.
  •  Positive effect of infrared rays to human body.
  •  Heating system does not burn oxygen, does not dry air.
  •  Heating system does not make any sound.

Low electricity energy consumption:

  •  15 – 20 W/m2

Non seasonal:

  •  Does not depend on organization providing heating.


  •  Exploitation time – more than 50 years.


  •  Warmth of the heating film gets to 45°C, so it is safe to use.

Fast installation:

  •  Heating system can be installed per 2-5 days in 100 m2 square accommodation.


  •  System can be covered by any decor (plasterboard, wooden siding, plastic siding, tensioned ceilings, etc., except metal).


  •  Preschools, schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, apartments, garden houses, saunas, restaurants, gas stations, railway stations, cattle sheds, greenhouses, warehouses, drying rooms, car services, etc.

After turning off 10°C falls down per ~72 hours.