PLEN under Ceiling

Ceiling heating film PLEN

Live warmth

PLEN foundation is a thermal film consisting of a strip resistive heating elements soldered into the laminating film. PLEN is a heating system of new generation, a successful example of nanotechnologies application. PLEN emission is long infrared rays (wavelength – 8.8–9.5 μm), this range is called “Life rays”.


PLEN system can be used as the main heating method, and as an additional – for floor heating or as a wall heater. PLEN can be used for heating of houses, apartments, cottages, cultural objects, offices, shopping objects, nourishment establishments and other facilities. High efficiency was showed by PLEN using it in medical establishments, preschools and schools.



PLEN economy is achieved by the fact that this system does not have inertia, there are no heat transfer losses, and heat transfer is spread in a particular area. Infrared heating system PLEN is an intellectual system. You can program it in such a way that, when you are out, the premise’s temperature would decrease 5–10°C – this will let to save additionally 30% of the costs.


Heating uniformity:

Only PLEN can ensure difference of 4°C temperatures between floor and ceiling. This is achieved due to the fact that PLEN acts by the principle of “straight direction” and warms the objects in front.

Therefore, installing PLEN to the ceiling, the floor we get warm.



  • PLEN allows adjusting the temperature in each premise separately.
  • Easy and quick installation.
  • In a premise of 100 m2 PLEN system can be installed and connected within 5–7 days.
  • There are not repair and maintenance costs.  Exploitation time – over 50 years.



PLEN system can be covered by any building constructions: suspended ceiling, drywall, wood, plastic, Armstrong ceiling, ceramic and etc. Exceptions may be mirrors, metal plates and sheets.

Principle of PLEN technology operation

Infrared heating system PLEN is installed between ceiling overlay and ceiling decor. Infrared ray film emits heat, which is evenly distributed throughout the premise.

The premise is heated by PLEN heater, which consists of multi-layer resistors located between two special plastic films. PLEN emits 9–15 μm wavelength heat of sun light. This emission is absorbed by the floor and furniture surfaces, thus generating the premise’s heating of comfortable temperature.

The heater is attached to the ceiling with special plastic screws. PLEN installation on the ceiling enables to evenly distribute gentle infrared range heat flow throughout the premise. The flow transfers heat to floor, interior elements, walls, other items, as well as a person being in the room.