IR Sauna in Cosmetology

Infrared ray sauna in cosmetology

Aging in general and specifically skin aging is expressed by failure of skin and body’s protective functions. Age changes involve all layers of skin. Cells of foundation layer of skin divide all the time and gradually become obsolete. At the same time decrease their activity. Due to slowdown of exfoliation (peeling of dead cells), thickens a horny layer. Aging process is associated with decrease of epidermis renewal rate. One of the main causes of aging is free radicals. They stimulate collagen, deceleration of elastin, hyaluronic acid synthesis. Skin can not longer keep former amount of water. It results in loss of skin elasticity, turgor, ptosis of skin, appear characteristic wrinkles.

Infrared ray sauna stimulates intensive sweating, and through a million sweat-glands from our body are removed freckles – decay products, and from the surface of body – the dead top layer of skin. Sudden dilatation of blood vessels and lymphatic vessels physically “squeezes” accumulation of hypodermic cellulite. Due to that increases afflux of arterial blood, increases the local temperature, improves skin and muscle tone, skin takes a healthy pink colour, becomes smooth, rigid and elastic. The body thoroughly cleans from inside and outside and rejuvenates. Due to the impact of special infrared waves on sweat glands, intensify processes of toxins elimination and skin cleaning.

Infrared heat positively effects on all layers of skin – epidermis, dermis, hypoderma – stimulates the body’s drainage and cleaning mechanisms, cellular regeneration, immune intensification processes, normalizes metabolism. The tone of skin and blood vessels is improving. Due to deep heating, increases venous and lymphatic leakage, therefore reduce phenomenons of edema and stasis. Microcirculatory activation is based on infrared thermal effect on skin. Infrared ray sauna activates afflux of arterial blood. Infrared energy, penetrating through skin, removes excess fluids, toxins and freckles. Resistance to stress loads of modern life increases.

In infrared ray sauna skin and tissues produce specific vitamins and pigments, restore lost minerals, vitamins, amino acids. Infrared energy, acting reflexogenetic zones, which are rich in vegetative innervation, has a positive effect on pathologically varied organs. Quickly released fatigue and restored a deep sleep. Disappear various kinds of stresses, which allow, acquiring psychological balance, to return to a healthy and balanced body.

Sessions in infrared ray sauna will help to embellish a silhouette, to get rid of excess fat on the abdomen and thighs. They also restore suppleness of skin, prevent from uprise of stretches, give a beautiful colour for skin, and have a significant anti-tumor effect.