PLEN for Sauna

Infrared ray sauna – beauty and health for You


IR saunas are based on infrared heaters “PLEN”, which emit a heat of 9.4–9.6 μm range – “Life rays” range. The most useful part of the solar spectrum can penetrate into the human body through 5 cm. Scientists proved that infrared ray saunas, as compared to normal, are 3 times more efficient. In infrared ray sauna the body floods gently warmth, and after just a few minutes from the beginning of session starts sweating.


Infrared ray sauna is:

  • Effective way of cleaning the body!
  • Ideal thing for those who want to be beautiful!
  • Pleasant way to lose weight!
  • Salvation when catching a cold, bronchitis and other diseases!
  • Excellent relaxation and great pleasure!

Only in infrared ray saunas:

  • “PLEN” heaters placement at full perimeter of infrared ray cabin;
  • Sauna’s emission area – all perimeter of infrared cabin;
  • The floor of infrared ray cabin is equipped with a relaxing feet heating;
  • External architectural lighting of infrared ray sauna.


PLEN for sauna