Installation under Floor

“Warm floor” system is designed for additional comfort heating; therefore its coverage area should coincide with the areas of human activity.

1. Preparation of floor surface
Floor foundation must be smooth, with sufficient bearing capacity. From the surface should be thoroughly cleaned dust and dirt, removed sharp objects.

2. Evaluation of the surface area, on which will be paved warm floor
It is recommended to cover 80% of total floor area of ​​the premise, leaving space for furniture (cabinets, kitchen furniture set, stove, and etc.) through entire perimeter of the premise.

3. Warm floor thermal insulation
Installing PLEN under any coating, it is necessary to use insulation – heat-reflecting foil (Izolon). Thickness of the Izolon shall not be less than 3 mm. Insulating materials are paved on the surface to be covered with PLEN, and connected with a tape of adhesive foil. After preparing the surface, PLEN can be paved directly on the Izolon.

4. Plen laying on thermal insulation
When laying PLEN, it is desirable to take into account backbone cable lineup.
Care should be taken that places of wire connection would be under the skirting-boards, which have channels for a cable and the PLEN must be stuck with reinforced adhesive tape stuck to the Izolon that PLEN would not move, when laying the upper flooring.
Attention! When installing a warm floor, PLEN foil’s edges can be overlapped on each other.

5. Connection of heating controller
When installing a warm floor can be used two types of heating controllers: with external and built-in temperature sensor. The best is to use heating controller with an external temperature sensor to be placed in corrugated pipe, when concreting the floor – this will ensure more accurate temperature control. Temperature sensor is mounted on the transparent part of PLEN or between strips of PLEN.
Using a heating controller with a built-in sensor, temperature control is less strict. This heating controller will be installed above the floor, not more than at a height of 300 mm.

6. Electric heater wiring diagrams:

5.0 to 2.5 m long heater wiring diagram


2.0–1.5 m long heater wiring diagram


1.0 m long heater wiring diagram


115 V voltage PLEN is required to connect sequentially, and 230 V – parallel!


Warm floor construction with leveling layer of concrete will look as follows: